Aerial Work Platforms for Rent
ariel worl platform  lifts

CiG Power supplies a wide range of selection to meet your most demanding access needs, proving equipment for rent, sale and training to ensure the safety at working height.


Our team of experts is also on hand to provide site surveys and to offer you the best access on choosing the right lifts. Please contact  the CIG Power team for information, and we are glad to assist you.


Scissor Lift

At CiG Power we offer an extensive working height of scissor lifts from 4 m-10 m for rent which are suitable for use indoors and out. Their platform capacity allows for multiple people to work from the platform at one time with heavy duty tools.

Boom Lift

We supply a large range of boom lifts, which are ideal for going up and over obstacles and buildings. The booms have a working height ranging from 11m- 58m. These boom lifts have a variety of power options for both indoor and outdoor use and can be exactly positioned with their proportional controls.


Please call us:  886-7-8215888

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