Generator Projects
  • Chunghwa Telecom – 4x 500kw CiG POWER Soundproof genset

4 soundproof gensets, spare parts and industrial equipments will be ready to serve Chunghwa Telecom located on the top floor of downtown area.


Soundproof generator 


Diesel soundproof generatror


CIG engineers' mission is to bring 4 big gensets to the 8th floor. 

We are ready to do it with support by Mr. crane 


 CIG generator flies in the air and sing a song " CIG power generator so excellent"

 CIG generator power 500 KW landed safety on the top floor of building.

Feel really amazing!




Positioning CIG generators to be stable and safety.






 CIG Power shines under natural sun


Deep Sea CIG power panel control.

 The beautiful UK 500 KW Perkins engine!



The UK Perkin engine inside CIG power house

Details information shown on CIG Power generators. 

We also make sure all details are correct.


 No.1 CIG generator control panel.


 We are proud to be CIG Power generator.

We are not afraid of raining or bad weather because we are soundproof genset.


No.1 Generator panel


Generator Voltage adjustment 


CIG POWER generator


PERKINS generator

               --------------------------------- CIG Power Generator--------------------------------------


CIG POWER  generator


CIG POWER Generator


CIG POWER generator

CIG POWER generator


PERKINS engine


PERKINS generator

PERKINS engine 2506C-E15TAG4


PERKINS 2506C-E15TAG4 Generator

PERKINS 2506C-E15TAG4 Generator



DOOSAN Diesel generator


PERKINS Diesel generator



YANMAR generator



YANMAR Diesel generator







YANMAR CIG generator



YANMAR Light tower 

YANMAR industrial Equipment


YANMAR Industril Equipment


YANMAR Industrial Equipment

YANMAR Industrial Equipment


YANMAR Industrial Equipment


YANMAR Generator


YANMAR Diesel Generator

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