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  • Supplied 10 gensets for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation

Supplied 10 gensets for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation

Formosa Ha Tinh is the largest FDI project in Vietnam, it will be one of the world's five largest steel plants.  According to original proposal, the Formosa project consists of a steel factory with an annual capacity of 22 million tons a year, a deep-water seaport for ships of up to 300,000 tons and a 2,100 MW power plant. Once it is completed, this will be the largest steel complex in Southeast Asia.

In order to supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations, Formosa has invited CiG Power to be one of main sub-constractors for category of generators. Since 2015 till now, there are 09 Perkins  and 01 Doosan gensets and  have been served at Formosa plants in different manufacturing sections.

It is our honor to share CiG gensets' working diary  at  Formosa Ha Tinh.

máy phát điện
Perkin genset passed on a long journey from Hanoi CiG Power to Formosa Ha Tinh.

No matter how  hard task to position such heavy generator onto working place , Our CiG engineers always make job done well.

máy phát điện perkins

Perkins genset has been positioned firmly at Formosa steel complex plant.

Here is also his own working office inside Formosa factory.

After positioning, CIG genset was interlaced by red frames around aim to prevent fire

and 5 small white foots are antivibration support.

Above genset fitted with white tubes for the purpose of cooling sytem.
We make sure there is no room for mistake during  operation.

Genset's diesel  barrel placed at corner of its working office.

The Perkins famous  engine  from UK.

No.1 Perkins, 1375 KVA and general specification.

Here is second CIG Power Perkin genset assembling at No.3 steel plant.
CiG engineers work hard and make great in order to  bring the best quality of products and services to dear customers.

Specification of Perkin engine 1385 KVA

In order to prevent fire occured in Ha Tinh factory, all CIG generators and gensets are designed with radiator system, fire protection and cooling system.

As same as  No#1 Perkin, all CIG gensets are positioned strongly and attached shock absorber, cooling system and fire protection in order to make sure no problems  occured in the future.

Close look at Doosan genset, he is serving big customer, Formosa. He now is happy at new house, Formosa plant.
01  Doosan genset are working for material workshop belongs to Formosa project.

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